We are master builders and fabricators.  We use state of the art machinery, digital equipment and imagination to create custom assets for various clients.   We are passionate about our work, our clients and our team.



Maker Industries uses cutting edge design and manufacturing software to bring your ideas to life.

We offer a full range of design services to suit each clients specific needs.  

We can turn napkin drawings into polished renderings and concepts into manufacturable parts.  Powerful design software is the key to advanced fabrication and manufacturing techniques and is often the first step in proof of concept work.



Our expert fabricators are versatile working with any material and finish in house, including metals, wood, solid surface, glass, composites, textiles, lighting, digital media, and electronics.  Our shop is equipped with state of the art fabrication equipment and all the specialized machinery required to manufacture at the highest level of precision and quality.

Our specialty finishing facility allows us to manage all aspects of your projects from raw material to finished product.



Interactive technology is becoming a massive part of experiential marketing and will continue to grow.

Whether its a custom app, gamification, custom hardware and or software, or integration across social networking platforms,  we work with your team to create a unique interactive experience to bring to market.